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One of the amazing things about traveling through Europe is seeing old world style of architecture. By "Old World", I mean from the medieval times. You don't have to be an architectural expert or historian to see the wow factor in the structures. While walking to the art galleries and museums make sure to give the neighborhood a good up and down look and think about the history of what you are seeing.

Allot of what I have seen reminds me of my childhood, growing up in New York City when more thought seemed to go into decorating buildings outside as did apartment layout inside. The outside of a building not only said something about the architects but also made a statement about the occupants.

What I offer is a historical reference and the desire to preserve the architecture that defined a people. Today in most European cities when a structure is being renovated on the inside, the outside must be preserved and undergo a restoration to original condition.

As an example, I show some of the cities in my adopted home of Poland, where I have lived in Krakow for the last two years. Unlike allot of other Polish cities which were obliterated during World War II, Krakow was left virtually intact. Even its enemies found its beauty too difficult to destroy. This building near the Grunwald Monument is held in place by four men wearing lion skins around their waists.

Krakow Architecture

Also from Krakow is the Cloth Market. Photographed at the "Golden Hour".

Cloth Market - Golden Hour

This brick structure crowned with an onion style ornament can be found across Europe. There certainly will be no new construction of this type. Click the image for the larger version and you will see graffiti written on the dome. I can't find the explanation as to how someone managed to do this.

This is Gdansk, Poland after its destruction in WWII. Ninty percent of the city was destroyed. Gdansk and the ammunition depot at Westerplatte have the dubious honor of being the point of the first battle of WWII.

A destroyed Gdansk, Poland

Below is the city restored by a determined people.

Gdansk, restored.

Gdansk 2017

Gdansk 2017

Gdansk 2017

Wrosław, Poland is another that suffered massive damage during WWII. The city also went through the restoration process.

Wrosław Destroyed WWII

Wrosław, Poland is another that suffered massive damage during WWII. The city also went through the restoration process.

Wrosław City Center 2017

Wrosław City Center 2017

Wrosław City Center

Poland's Capital Warsaw was also totally destroyed and restored. The empty square was the town's center.

Warsaw 1945

Warsaw 2017

Warsaw entrance to Royal Palace

Warsaw Restored

Entrance to Royal Palace - Warsaw

When traveling make sure to take a look around. Look at the tops of building and down side streets. Architectural "Photo Ops" are everywhere. For a good look at a city's architecture, take a Hop On, Hop Off bus ride or one of the other open bus city tours. Sit on the top deck and keep your camera ready. (Yes, I do this also). This will give you a great over view of a city's architecture and help you decide what places deserve your second, closer look.

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